Optyn is an on chain option DEX(distributed exchange):

  • Trade options on crypto currencies, tokens, indicies, stocks, commodities, forex or any trusted on-chain value

  • Sellers can create custom selling strategies

  • Buyers get the best price

What makes Optyn unique

Any trusted on-chain value can be used as an oracle

This allows the flexibility to create options markets for everything and anything. From the on/off chain assets to things that aren't typically known for option trading.

Different selling strategies compete to provide the best price

Anyone can create a unique selling strategy with a custom price function and/or pool configuration. This provides flexibility for many different views of the market to be expressed. Liquidity providers can provide liquidity to the pools that match their view. Buyers will always receive the best price.

Getting started with Optyn

WTF is an option anyway?

If you are new to options then we recommend that you start by going through some of the basics in Options 101.

Buying options

These resources will help you get started as an option buyer on the Optyn platform:

  • Buying options - how to buy your an option and exercise it (ie. cash in the profits)

  • Premium pricing - how does premium pricing work and what are the fees

Earn yield providing liquidity

Liquidity providers earn the premium charged to buyers. Each pool can have a custom selling strategy so as a liquidity provider you can provide liquidity to a strategy that aligns to your views. Learn more about providing liquidity to a pool:

  • Providing liquidity - how to add and withdraw liquidity

  • Delta hedging - understand the risk you are exposed to with price movements and how it can be mitigated

Advanced option selling

Custom selling strategies can be created which allow for expression of any view of the market.

There is currently no front end available for these so they would require varying degrees of Solidity development experience:

  • Price optimization - your combination of pricing function, pool configuration & hedging strategy can provide the best price while still being profitable

  • New oracles - associate existing on-chain oracles or any trusted on-chain value to your pool and sell options against them

Join the Optyn community

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