Optyn is an on-chain option aggregator with the following benefits:
    Option markets for any crypto or traditional finance asset
    Off-chain market range, pricing and liquidity available on-chain
    Deep liquidity aggregated from many sources
    Novice trader friendly
    Layer 2 execution speed and cost
Here is a demo browsing the available markets and purchasing an option.

What problems are we trying to solve?

These are the key problems that we are trying to address with Optyn:
    There is no way to transfer the risk or insure against volatility on chain
    Option buying & selling is confusing and unnecessarily complex
    DeFi needs options for options for crypto currencies & tokens
    TradFi needs options for commodities, forex, indices & stocks
    Pricing & liquidity needs to be atleast "on par" with CeFi & TradFi solutions
    There is no "one size fits all" pricing model
Decentralized derivatives are going to be very large and we aim to provide a solution that meets the needs of crypto now while also providing a path to transition centralized/traditional finance derivatives on chain.
Check out this Bankless' write up about how big they think derivatives are going to be.

What Makes Optyn Unique?

Optyn Features
    BTC & ETH option market pricing & liquidity depth is on par with Deribit
    Liquid option markets are available for many of the top crypto assets
    Traditional finance option markets for commodities, stocks, forex & indices are available with pricing & liquidity to match centralized solutions
    Deep liquidity is aggregated from many sources; including other on-chain option protocols, structured products, etc.
    The complexity of option chains is hidden from traders

Aggregate - Markets, Pricing & Liquidity

Market, Pricing & Liquidity Aggregation

The Optyn Ecosystem

There are three main participants in the Optyn ecosystem:
Optyn Ecosystem

Buying options

These resources will help you get started as an option buyer on the Optyn platform:
    Buying options - how to buy your an option and exercise it (ie. cash in the profits)
    Premium pricing - how does premium pricing work and what are the fees

Market makers

Custom selling strategies can be created which allow for the expression of any view of the market.
There is currently no front end available for these so they would require varying degrees of Solidity development experience:
    Price optimization - your combination of pricing function, pool configuration & hedging strategy can provide the best price while still being profitable
    New oracles - associate existing on-chain oracles or any trusted on-chain value to your pool and sell options against them

Liquidity providers

Liquidity providers earn the premium charged to buyers. Each pool can have a custom selling strategy so as a liquidity provider you can provide liquidity to a strategy that aligns to your views. Learn more about providing liquidity to a pool:
    Providing liquidity - how to add and withdraw liquidity
    Delta hedging - understand the risk you are exposed to with price movements and how it can be mitigated

Getting started with Options

WTF is an option anyway?

If you are new to options then we recommend that you start by going through some of the basics in Options 101.

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