Introduction to Optyn
Optyn is an on-chain option protocol where liquidity providers earn passive yield on crypto assets with structured products. Treasuries hedge their exposure, selling bonds to own yield earning liquidity positions. Option buyers get a simple easy to use interface.
  • Earn passive yield with structured products such as covered puts & calls
  • Treasuries sell bonds for liquidity in any token. Diversifying treasuries, earning trading fees and option premiums
  • Novice trader friendly
  • Layer 2 execution speed and cost
Here is a demo browsing the available markets and purchasing an option.

What problems are we trying to solve?

These are the key problems that we are trying to address with Optyn:

Yield & Usability

  • Yield for structured products can be high but they aren’t widely available
  • Option buying and selling is confusing and complex
Optyn provides a simple trading interface to buy options and passive structured products for option sellers to earn compounding yield.

Protocol Liquidity

  • Protocols rent liquidity which in bear markets has a negative flywheel
  • Liquidity providers are exposed to impermanent loss and lose when the token appreciates
  • No liquidity buyers of last resort
Through Optyn, other protocols can issue bonds for their native token for any vault's liquidity pool. Liquidity purchased is then owned by the protocol. Earning yield on swap fees & option premiums.
Treasury Management
  • Treasuries lack the ability to sell their native token into the market without impacting price
  • Treasury assets aren’t diversified enough
  • Treasuries lack varied income streams

The Optyn Ecosystem


Vaults provide structured products that can be used to implement automated option strategies. The two strategies currently implemented are:
  • Covered call - Vault writes out of the money covered calls
  • Put selling - Vault writes out of the money puts

Liquidity providers

Liquidity providers earn the premium charged to buyers. Each vault can have a custom selling strategy so as a liquidity provider you can provide liquidity to a strategy that aligns to your views. Learn more about providing liquidity to a vault:

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